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What are the benefits of Responsive web design USA?

Responsive web design is a new approach to make the website page viewable as per the size of the device it is opened on. Responsive web design has become really popular lately. With the emergence of smart phones and increase of their use, today people are more drawn towards browsing sites on their phones as compared to laptops. Then there are tablet sized phones and ipads which further make it easier for users to browse on them as compared to the desktops.

A website with responsive web design makes use of proportion based grids, fluids, CSS3 media queries, flexible images etc to make the website more responsive to the size of the device it is opened on.

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RWD has become very essential as the amount of traffic coming on the website needs to be monitored because more than half of the traffic is coming through mobiles.

Today mobile data is used by every person having smart phone, these people browse internet on their phones, when they come across websites or when they have to buy stiff online they prefer using their phones as they are more handy than laptops. Also not everyone is carrying their personal laptops everywhere, say in office most of the sites are banned. Users turn to phones to browse shopping sites or sites of individual interests. This has made it compulsory for the companies to create mobile friendly website. What happens in mobile friendly website is that user is able to view webpages as per the pixels and screen size of his phone. Some of the websites open their mobile version when user logs in through phone.

Many people do not like using mobile friendly sites on smart phones because they have restricted features. They want to use websites with full features. This is where RWD comes into action. Responsive web design USA makes sure that your website opens in same pattern and style like you want. It is essential that you apply this approach on your website so that you don’t miss out on the traffic that is coming through phones.

Gma Technology can help you in making your website RWD friendly. With our responsive features not only images, content and layout is adjusted as per the users screen size but our fluid grid concept makes the page element sizing into units like percentages, etc so that no elements outside that percentage is opened.

This gives the viewer a great experience and also he is able to see the different features of the site carefully. Our media queries use CSS style rules as per the size of the device it is displayed on.

Making sure that your website gives users the kind of experience they want and lets them browse hassle free into your products and read its content makes it easier to convert them into sales. Increasing your ROI is important and it can’t be done without Responsive web design USA. To know the cost of your website and how it can become responsive friendly, get in touch with Gma Technology today.

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