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Today online world has become very competitive. Having a website alone is not enough for online presence. You need to market your website well and look towards its maintenance as well so that it stays live and is not banned by Google. Website maintenance is vital because if you are not looking towards the content, design and other parameters which define your website, chances are your website will not rank on top.

Yes, it is true; Google is working diligently to review parameters and keeps advancing rules and strategies to ban the websites that are not valid. Website maintenance service helps in keeping your website up to date, making sure that proper content is written on the site, the tags and meta tags have proper informative content.

The SEO is using highly targeted keywords and hosting is down properly. Using a website maintenance service has benefits of its own; downtime of a website can cause business loss. If you have a website ranking high on Google, chances are you have customers browsing your website every second. A downtime of 1 hour can cause a loss of more than 100 customers.

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Imagine how much loss a downtime of 1 day would cause. Website maintenance services make sure that your website faces least amount of downtime and stays live 24×7. Today people like to buy online; online shopping has given comfort and variety to people; not to mention the competitive prices.

In this technologically advanced world, not giving the customers the advantage of shopping online is scary. You don’t only lose customers but brand name also suffers. It is thus important that you manage your business online as well as offline.

Gma Technology is an experienced web development company with experts and technicians having knowledge of all algorithms suggested by Google. Making sure that latest algorithms are applied on your website will keep it user friendly and rank on top. Google keeps reviewing websites on the basis of their layout, design, algorithms used and keywords. If there are any type of steps or ways used to promote your website that are not allowed by Google then your website will certainly be banned.

A banned website not only loses top rankings but even after removing the illegal ways and methodologies from it, it will never get same rankings again in future. Your domain will also suffer, you will have to buy a new domain, create a new website and promote it from the start.

Website maintenance services helps in keeping your website up to date. Technicians and software experts keep changing the tags, algorithms and methods of promoting it and maintaining it from time to time. This keeps the website in line with latest rules of Google.

Using website maintenance services is now very essential if you have a website. Gma Technology provides exceptional website maintenance services to keep your website working fine and avoid downtimes. This assures that you don’t lose any business and your customers will not deviate to other websites as well.

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