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User experience is everything in a website. A website is made essentially to provide user with the details and information they are looking for on a product or service; and it is mandatory to provide them with a smooth and easy to follow navigation on both smart phones and computers. Higher returns on investments are directly proportional to the amount of time a user spends on a website.

User experience is not as simple as the term suggests, it is a conglomeration of tasks that focus on optimization of a service or product for enjoyable and satisfactory use. UI or user interface design is focused entirely on the look, design, interactivity and presentation of a service/product. Since a lot of importance is now given to interface and design, a UI/UX design company in USA is not hard to find.

Before you decide on choosing a UI/UX design company in USA ; you should know the difference between the two:

UX stands for user experience design whereas UI refers to user interface design. Both of these are vital to a product and used together. Despite of their roles, both of these designs have individual roles referring to various parts of designing a website or application.

User experience design is technical and more analytical field whereas UI Design is more like a graphic design but with complex responsibilities.

As per Wikipedia: UX design is the way of enhancing customer loyalty and satisfaction by enhancing usability, pleasure, easy to use interaction between product and the consumer. User experience is same making things fancy, in simple terms- appealing to eyes. It requires knowing the customers, their tastes and what will make them happy and stay longer; also commercially known as market research.

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Though you don’t really have to research the market but UX uses many techniques to attain a complex end goal. The analysis, structure and optimization of a customer with the company and its products are all included in UX. But if you haven’t really ever seen or experienced UX in real then you must know what a UI/UX company in USA will offer:


Competition study
Customer study
Product Strategy; and
Content Development

Wire Framing:

Wire framing
Development Planning


Coordinating with the User interface Designer
Coordinating with the Developer
Tracking Goals
Iteration and Analysis

So UX is a complex role and includes many aspects of designing and other process. There are processes like iteration of content are done twice in the process. Its ultimate aim is to connect needs of the user and business goals through a process of refinement and testing to satisfy both ends


User Experience Design is developing and enhancing the quality of user interaction with the company and its various other facets.
UX is accountable for the process of development, testing, research, content, and prototyping to test for satisfying results.
User Experience Design is a non-digital practice, but used and defined mainly by digital industries.

What is UI Design?

Just like UX, UI Design is a many-sided and demanding role. UI design is accountable for the conversion of development of a product, its research, layout and content into a guiding, responsive and attractive experience for users. It is also a process which unlike UX is an only digital profession as per its definition:

Here is what a UI/UX design company in USA will do:

Look and Feel:

Design Research
Customer Analysis
User guides
Graphic and branding development


UI Prototyping
Adaptation to various Screen Sizes
Implementation with the Developer

The role of UI is important for all digital interface and consumers for trusting any brand or product.
In UI a responsibility of a UI/UX design company USA is in the hands of a developer. So now you can understand that both designs have different responsibilities but work very closely.

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